Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cosplay Weekend; February

Well today has been one of my crazy cosplay weekends, first it was Leeds Cosplay Group on Saturday, secondly we had the Bradford Anime Social and Manga Night at Forbidden Planet, so I've got a ton of stuff to post so hang on!

Next day was Bradford Anime Society Social which was a proper laugh. I'm sure someone took a picture of me punching Steele dressed as a maid, so if I can dig that up it'll be funny. So I was Maid Takane that day, out of laziness and it was freezing outside, it's a comfortable cosplay so that's why I picked it.

We visited the sweet shop again and nommed some delicious cake, and sweetbread with hot dogs om. We visited Travelling Man, the Chinese Supermarket, the old fashion sweet shop (I tried a Twinkie and it was pretty epic tbf.)We walked past this cute cupcake shop and I wanted some badly. Haha.


So yeah that was awesome. At Manga Night we just generally dossed around, it's 20% off which is always good. I bought too much random junk, I bought 4 Vampire Doll mangas because they were on sale and it looked cute, I bought The Clique manga because it was a pound, and a really cute looking manga called Welcome to Wakaba-Soh because it had colour pictures inside. I am so mature.

I also bought a hair bow from American Apparal for the Takane, it's adorable and I want to wear it all the time, which is probably a good thing considering it was £12, and I also bought some really cute heart shaped ear muffs for the cold weather!

All in all a good spending spree over the past couple of days. Now it's back to the grind of Uni work and normality!

Also, I took my 3DS and got 7 street pass hits, so I'm feeling pro right now. If you want to check out our antics in 3D, here they are;

Hopefully more pictures to come as they emerge on the internet.


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  1. Love it! I've never experienced a Cosplay event before :(