Saturday, 4 February 2012

February Snow

Well, today I'm ill. This is kind of normal for me, I catch every common cold going. I'm just in bed and drinking green tea to try and fight it off, as it is absolutely freezing today! In the UK, snow is very common in the winter months, but recently we haven't had as much, in fact the other day it was rather sunny.

I was supposed to have a photoshoot today, a picnic themed one! But because I was ill I sadly couldn't attend, so hopefully I'll be able to arrange something another  time.

I took a picture of the snow as it starts, if it gets crazy later then I'll post another picture up. I always wonder why people get excited about the snow, I think after Christmas has passed I'm less bothered about it happening, and more annoyed. It used to hinder me getting to Uni, although it wouldn't be a problem now as I live close by.

You can just see the snow starting to form on the path outside! Living in city center isn't really as pretty as when I was at my parents, but you get the idea.

Wow, so it did get crazy, check it out!;

How often does it snow where you are?



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