Thursday, 9 February 2012

Japanese Class and New Tshirt

Well yesterday I started my new Japanese class. My Japanese is quite poor, I find it hard to retain knowledge because of the way I study. Normally I will study hardcore for about a month, and then not at all for two, meaning pretty much everything I learn gets forgotten. -_-= It's mainly due to being very busy with work and running various things I get side tracked. In the future I plan to make more time daily, at least just a five minute look at things just to make sure I keep up with it.

But anyway, the class was Japanese Level 1 so crazy easy. I couldn't attend the higher classes as they were all on dates I had lectures, but to be honest I'm just glad to be practicing again even if it is super basic, and the teacher is really lovely, and I've found that helping the others around me helps me to retain knowledge and learn new things.

I also got my new star tshirt! It's so cute, my gran bought it me. I'm in love with pink too much.

Yay for stars, and I still have my Dexter nails.

Also, today I had MoshiMoshi which is me and Sophie's Japanese/Korean radio show. We have such a laugh doing the show and it's really nice to just to play great music and listen to new stuff and dance like idiots in the studio. I hope our listeners like it too :) You can find us on facebook, Moshi Moshi Radio.

This is my song of the moment;

I wouldn't usually like this kind of OMG KPOP SWAGGER stuff but the beat is so catchy so you can't help but dance haha.




  1. I know what you mean, not using my Japanese since I left Uni its like back to basic almost haha
    I was trying to talk to someone on a Japanese game the other day and my head exploded D:

    I bloody missed the show again D: agh

    1. Yeah it's really weird how language can slip so badly as soon as you stop doing it for a while, it's hard to retain the knowledge after a long period oftime.

      And no worries, it'll be up in podcast form soon :D