Monday, 6 February 2012

Lollipop Bag

I've ordered so much stuff recently, so I'll be posting pictures of them as they come. My lollipop bag came today! I saw this on the Lolita Sales facebook page, and I really wanted it but it was snapped up straight away; that one was in Lavender. When I saw this pink one I had to have it! It's so cute <3 I'm a big fan of bags and as a result I have way too many than I really need.

I do wear pinkxwhite a lot so I think it's a nice combination, this will go with a lot of the things I've got. I also have a heart shape bag from Angelic Pretty which I use for Lolita a lot so I can swap between that one and this one. I have a Bodyline print called 'Soft Cream' which is kind of pink and sweet, which might go with this.

When it arrived I put it on my head, and my Mum said I looked like Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding D:< lmao.

I THINK this is a Dream of Lolita replica of a long lost Angelic Pretty bag. I haven't really seen many of them around to be honest. But it's so cute and nicely made, it has a couple of pockets for different things and the zipper looks like a candy wrapper!

So yeah, overall very pleased with it indeed, I'll have to thank the girl I bought it from!