Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentines' Day and Sleepover with Soph (Inc Lolita!)

Hello again everyone!

This week has been so busy!~ I have a crazy amount of Uni work, haha. Can't wait until it's all done.
Well this Tuesday it was Valentine's Day! It was so lovely. I went out with my boyfriend Matt, and spent way too much money. We went round Leeds for a bit and then to the amazing Little Tokyo for some Japanese food, it was absolutely gorgeous! I had a Chicken Teriyaki Bento, nom nom, and some Strawberry Sorbet. Sweet and yummy!

This is my lovely Matt, haha, although I'm pretty sure he won't appreciate me posting this here. He's so cute!

So yeah, super win.

Matt has gone back to see his parents for a few days, so instead of being all alone in the house, I invited Sophie because she's amazing and I thought a good old fashioned sleepover was in order, hah.

So we kicked off by playing Zelda: Skyward Sword; such an amazing game, I completed it myself a while back, but Sophie needed some help with tear collecting so I decided to help out because I'm a Zelda ninja, of course. My Wii sensor bar wasn't working because our pet Chinchilla had chewed right through the wire D:< So we used two candles. Sophie was shocked, yet amazed, at how two candles can work instead of the sensor bar lol.

We have a projector, so we can project amazing Zelda goodness straight onto the screen~ It is beautiful haha. We also ended up doing the washing up, because we had no plates! We stuffed ourselves with amazing Chinese food - pineapple fritters are officially amazing, I must eat more.

Look at the incredible mountain that was my tea! Why I'm not a billion stone is beyond me, I actually got through pretty much all of it too. After watching an episode of Jersey Shore, which both amused and baffled me at the same time, we started watching an anime called Lovely Complex. It was so frickin' hilariously awesome; I've just bought all 17 mangas from a friend and so glad I did! And we started watching Bridesmaids but decided it was lame.

The next day we decided to Trolita it up in town (people of Bradford, a shitty North Yorkshire town in the UK, were very confused by our attire.) It was so fun though! Sophie recieved her Starry Night Theater replica from Oo Jia which is so beautiful, I'm jellin'. I wore my Fruits Parlour as I'm crazy obsessed with it and wear it too much.

We took some pictures near the new reflective fountain thing in Bradford, which I thought was gonna be really rubbish but it's actually pretty nice, the water is always clean and it's just rather pretty.

Such cuteness, that head bow is so amazing, it has a playing card on it! So yeah, it doesn't look too bad in Bradford now actually. (Well that area anyway.)

So in Leeds we met up with Sam and I collected my Manga, we browsed Travelling Man and Forbidden Planet, and had a look in Waterstones before going to the Cake Shop; Patisserie Valerie. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! There were so many amazing cakes I couldn't decide which one to have. I had a Strawberry cake in the end! Also when we were sat down, this really sweet girl came and asked us about our Lolita and took pictures of us, it was so nice to get a compliment like that!

I like how in the pictures, Sophie has cake left and I don't! Typical! So yeah it was amazingly delicious and everything. After that, we went to Claire's and bought 3 random lucky packs for the mystery of it, we got a few semi-decent things out of it including some random stickers and some white fake glasses haha.

And a final picture of us both, in Topshop, we got stared at so much in there, it was full of hipsters lol.

So all in all we had an excellent week! As well as doing all this I've been majorly trying to power through my Uni work. I try to get a good balance between doing fun stuff like this and doing work~ Time to enjoy yourself means you are in a better frame of mind to work, IMO.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post! The pictures don't have their usual formatting but they will do soon, I'm currently at home.

My next blog will be about an awesome discovery I found; it's basically a purikura game for the 3DS. The interface is the same as the Japanese purikura machines, it's so sparkly! I'll share a review of it next time,




  1. Ohh is this the Italian cake shop in Leeds?
    Theres like a plauge of them in London haha, I want to go to one though :D

    I have Puri on my iPhone but nothing beats the booths hehe

  2. Yeahhh it was so tasty.

    And yeah nothing is as awesome as the photobooths, I've never found anything that matchs, but this game has the same interface which made me like *_*