Monday, 2 April 2012

Catch up~

Hello everyone!

I do still exist, I've just been extremely busy lately. University is really hard work, especially in the final year. I can't believe I graduate in a matter of months... I'm really excited, actually!

So as for Lolita, I finally recieved my Vampire Requiem replica, it's gorgeous! I'm so happy with the dress and the customer service of ClobbaOnline; there will be a review of that to come in the future. On the other hand, I've had a dress disaster, relating to the replica maker Oo Jia, and in the end I just had to ask for a refund and ended up out of pocket. Again, that will be another post!

It's 2 weeks to Kitacon and I totally need it; I've needed a break for ages, and anime conventions are great because they are little pockets of time where you can just forget everything and enjoy yourself. I find it kind of hard to do that these days because of work and just real life likes to slap you in the face most of the time.

I'm working in the Maids of England cafe, so I really wanted to try out my hair and makeup before the con just to make sure it all looks okay. I'm really pleased with how it came how, I didn't expect the side ponytail to work for my face shape but seemingly it isn't too bad! I hope you like it, anyway. It's a really simple hairstyle and it doesn't take too long so that's a plus.

We've had some amazing weather recently, so I've been able to dress for summer finally! I'm not prepared, I didn't expect it to come this soon, so my summer wardobe is lacking greatly. Also, I've put on weight over Christmas and so I want that gone before Kitacon too!

Summerishness. But chubbier than usual -_-=

MoshiMoshi is still going strong, and I've also made a lot of plans for summer anime conventions so that's good.

So yeah, basically I'm just checking in to say hey and hope everything is good with you guys :) I'll try and update more, too, I promise!