Thursday, 23 August 2012

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked: I've worked 300 hours this month. Haha. I absolutely love where I'm working but man don't they like their long hours!

I'd update but my life has currently been consumed by the dark forbidden world of the game industry. I have managed a few activities at some point; I attended Manchester Expo with the lovely Sophie and my boyfriend has moved to Newcastle with me so things are much more awesome.

I'm missing everyone back home, family and friends, so sometimes it can be hard but I've got some great friends at work so I feel really comfortable here.

Anyway I guess I'll talk about Manchester Expo a bit while I'm here :) It was pretty awesome because I was able to catch up with loads of people that I hadn't seen in ages although I did miss a few! I cosplayed Madoka which to be honest wasn't one of my best cosplays, but it was cute and comfortable and I couldn't really be bothered with anything crazy this time round. Last time I made the cosplay from scratch, just didn't have the time.

There was stormtroopers which was pretty damn awesome. We got a picture!

Haha clearly awesome. Sophie is also looking badass in her amazing Lightning costume from FF-13. I was jellin'. Anyway I'm not really feeling Madoka so I might sell it on, I've got a few plans for future stuff but not entirely sure at this point in time.STORMTROOPERS. YES.

I've bought a bunch of new Loli things that I need to sort out at some point. I've got a Chess Chocolate replica sitting at home that I haven't even had chance to try on... whyyy. 

Anyway I have to gtfo because it's past midnight, I'm still in work and should be y'know... working.


Apple x

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