Sunday, 23 September 2012

Paperchase Goodies

Hey! Have you ever been in Paperchase? It's full of stationary and other related things. I spent pretty much my life in there browsing all the cute little pencils, books and stickers. Here is a little blog post about a couple of things I got in the sale.

At the moment I'm trying to continue my Japanese study so that I can take one of the JLPT tests, so I've been looking for some sticky notes so that I can label stuff around the house to help me remember various vocab and arrange grammar related things. There was a little booklet in the sale; it contains a variety of different types of notes and has characters on. I love it because it has a ton of English traditions and landmarks on it and that kind of stuff is always adorable.

Another thing I bought, in a similar style, is a set of pencils. I haven't done any art related stuff in ages so I just bought this simple set for doodles at work on my lunch break or something :)

Check out Paperchase~!

Apple x


  1. I avoided the one in Leeds for ages because I was pissed it replaced the Disney store haha
    But I eventually was swayed around, its just too cute!

    1. Aww the Disney Store *_* It is very cute~