Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Japan Trip 2013

Hello again everyone!

I'm planning to hugely revamp this blog and make some more regular posts. This one is going to be about my trip to Japan which I'm planning for 2013!

I'm extremely excited because having been to Japan a while back I know how great it is, and now I also have better idea of where I'd like to visit again and the layout of the land. The plan is the same as last time, a week in Osaka and the next week in Tokyo.

Osaka is a really friendly and lively part of Japan with loads to do, and it's also possible to visit Kobe, a sea port town, and Kyoto, a traditional style Japanese town, from there. In Osaka you are likely to end up doing randomly fun stuff and meeting loads of new people, I found Tokyo was a little less forthcoming, however you can get on with your shopping without being asked a load of questions! We took a purikura picture everyday, which was pretty mad! The machines are amazing and have all sorts of options, this is me and Risa sparkling it up:

Last time we stayed in Hotel Kinki in Umeda, it's in the heart of pretty much everything and within walking distance of major stations. We did so much shopping, on the first night we'd bought/won a ton of stuff.

I'm saving up quite a bit of money so hoping to go about late March/April which is cherry blossom season in Japan; also the weather is generally pleasant, not too hot, not too cold, and rain is fairly uncommon around this time.

So pretty! Tokyo is an amazing place with some of the most interesting architecture, you can walk down any sidestreet and find something interesting. It's beautiful! Not to mention all the great places for fashion, such as Harajuku and Shibuya. There is so much to see and do, last time we also visited Mt Fuji which is one of Japans most famous landscapes. Next time I hope to see even more of Japan.

Until next time!

Apple x

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