Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Just Dance 4 Launch Party

Hello everyone~

Last night was the Just Dance 4 Launch Party at the Baltic; I had a dress made that worked out quite nicely and the whole party was amazing!

Since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of working in the video game industry. I used to share my passion for video games with everyone; finding softwares to develop games at a young age. My first game was a basic ball bouncing game, followed by a touch screen bubble popping game for the Nintendo DS. Over the years my goal has become all the more real, studying Computer Animation at University and acquiring a job as a play tester at Team 17. My start in the game industry has been a successful one, working for one of the biggest game companies at the moment on a triple A title; Just Dance 4.

Working for Ubisoft so far has been an amazing experience and I've met so many people along the way that I know I'll be in touch with for life. We all share that same passion for the industry and everyone around me is so committed and hardworking, as well as extremely talented. I feel privileged to be a part of the entire thing.

Launch parties are a celebration of all you have achieved and a chance to relax after a project :) I of course had to take this opportunity with my friends to dress in a ridiculous Just Dance style loosely based on one of the coaches. We had an awesome night of partying in a really nice venue, and more importantly, everyone danced enthusiastically to Gangnam Style. Here are some slightly embarrassing pictures of the night!

I love these guys <3

Lolol had to be done!

The amazing JD4 crew! And my boyfriend in a silly hat.

Thanks for reading!~ <3

Apple x

Just a note, this is a personal blog and in no way is it associated with Ubisoft, everything here is my own personal view.