Anime List


Ah! My Goddes [COMPLETE]
Beelzebub [4]
Best Student Council [COMPLETE]
Chaos Head [COMPLETE]
Chobits [COMPLETE]
Clannad [5]
Cosplay Complex [COMPLETE]
Cowboy Bebop [COMPLETE]
Death Note [COMPLETE]
Elfen Lied [COMPLETE]
Gosick [4]
Gurren Lagann [5]
He is my Master [COMPLETE]
K-On [1]
Lilpri [6]
Macross Frontier [COMPLETE]
Morita-san wa Mukuchi [COMPLETE]
Ouran High School Host Club [COMPLETE]
Paradise Kiss [COMPLETE]
Rio Rainbowgate [2]
Sankarea [COMPLETE]
School Days [COMPLETE]
Shuffle! [COMPLETE]
Shugo Chara [3]
The Pet Girl of Sakura Dormitory  [10]
The World's Greatest First Love [10]
Tokyo Mew Mew [10]
Vampire Knight [COMPLETE]
We, Without Wings, Under the Innocent Sky [1]

Lovely Complex [COMPLETE]
Black Bird [4]
Vampire Knight [6]
Dengeki Daisy [7]

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